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2017-10-12 LEaRN Status Meeting

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SubjectStatus Meeting
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateOctober 12, 2017
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Time / Location

CGI Lafayette, 538 Cajundome Blvd.; Room: Lafayette/1N-09 

10:00 AM Central



Discussion Items

Recent News, Outreach, and Funding Opportunities
 Hardware (Sensor, Servers, POC Assembly, Network, Deployment Strategy)
  • Status Update Mobile Sensors
      • Alghamdi, Taghreed (LEARN) is working at CGI this summer on mobile sensors
        • Working on prototype car-mounted sensor
        • Will work with Warren G. Abadie (Lafayette LA) to discuss potential for bus-mounted sensors
          • It is possible to query some hardware on the buses to obtain current location
          • We could use the bus Wifi to transmit data
  • Update status on Water sensors brainstorming
  • Use Cases and Ancillary Data Update (Ridgeway, Terysa (CGI))
  • LCG Data Access
    • Desired data:
      •  Distribution of traffic congestion and its health effects on:

        • Households within 1/4 mile of heavy traffic roadways
        • Heavy pedestrian areas (walking, biking, etc.)
        • Those with pre-existing conditions like asthma, heart diseases, and  lung diseases
        • Distance from parks, schools, and nursing homes
      • Traffic Data requests:
        • Annual Average Daily Traffic 
        • Traffic Count (Monthly Volume)
        • Traffic Count (Hourly Volume)
        • Directional Hourly Volume by Vehicle Class
        • Pedestrian traffic (location of crosswalks)
        • Cyclist traffic (location of bicycle lanes)
      • Health Data requests:

        • Citizens with asthma, heart and/or lung diseases (preferably broken down by address)
        • Annual averages of citizens with temporary respiratory issues (Upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, outdoor allergies etc.)
        • Citizens with autoimmune diseases and the correlation to high humidity/low barometric pressured areas
 Software Development/Data Management Platform
 Partner Outreach
  • Andrew Rodgers from Chattennooga connected LaBar, William (CGI Federal) with new CGI affiliate
    • Chattenooga wants to deploy some of our sensors
    • Good from US Ignite perspective, sensors from two cities streaming data into one data mgmt system
      • Delcambre, Matthew (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) US Ignite would also like it more if we use a Genie rack as well
        • Kansas City may also be interested (Jonathon Wagner)
          • Have an innovation district downtown, smart lighting, wifi, etc.
          • This is where they would be installed
        • Proposal: give partners one built sensor under the understanding that they use our specs to build their own, based on our open source hardware.
  • Weather.com Digital Meteorologist Kari Strenfel contacted LaBar, William (CGI Federal) about Weather Underground expanding their Private Weather Station Network to include Air Quality data. They are interested in including data from the LEaRN network.
    • Do we want to participate?
      • Only if we can handle data quality concerns/calibration
    • How do we handle data quality concerns?
    • Other questions/concerns/comments?
      • McMahon, Ethan (EPA) would probably be interested in this as part of data management and data quality
  • CPEX (Center for Planning Excellence, LA-based non-profit) Smart Growth Conference November 2017



Action items

Date Assigned 


Due Date

Completion Date Notes 

Meet with LCG re. health, planning, and traffic data

 Check if we can place our own gateway in Stephens Hall   
 Work to resolve issues with LUS network drop into Stephens Hall   
 Reach out to David Thibodeaux STEM academy re. sensor fabrication   
 Coordinate sensor deployments with LDEQ/USGS   
 Test mobile sensors   
 Send planning, transportation, and planning data to Ridgeway, Terysa (CGI)   
 Connect Ridgeway, Terysa (CGI) with DOTD for traffic count dataWarren G. Abadie (Lafayette LA)   

Follow-up with Blundell, Ben (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) and LUS re. connectivity into UL Stephens Hall


Set up meeting with Ron Evans (EPA), Christin Benedict (EPA) as technical experts for sensor calibration


Risks and Issues

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