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2017-03-22 LEaRN Initial Sensor Deployment

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SubjectInitial Sensor Deployment
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateMar 22, 2017
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Discussion Items

Prototype deployment
  • Locations
    • Cajundome and Congress
    • Cajundome and Eraste Landry
  • Logistics (Warren)
    • Can mount within a day or two of receipt of prototype
  • Networking
    • How do we need to configure the Raspberry Pis to talk to LCG network?
      • Warren will give us IP settings
      • Warren will make requests to LCG IS&T
      • Warren can get us VPN access to the network so that we can SSH into the Pis
  • Mounting
    • What are we mounting to?
    • Are we using hose clamps?
    • Any rules we need to follow for mounting?
    • Warren
      • Easiest will be to band it to the pole.
      • Metal tab, more than 1" wide needed to run band through
      • LCG will supply Ethernet cable
      • Can allow CGI to connected cable on the ground, then cable will be run down the pole to the cabinet
      • LCG will set up a drip loop
  • Deployment Schedule
    • Can deliver the hardware to Warren on Friday
    • Installation would be on Monday, March 27, 1:00; CGI will be present; Starting at Cajundome and Congress.
    • Later that week (Wednesday the 29th?), CGI will go to Warren's office to install software on the Pis



Action items

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Due Date

Completion Date Notes 
3/22/2017Request IP addresses for two Pis LEARN-60 - Getting issue details... STATUS 3/22/2017 
3/22/2017Request VPN access to LCG Network for remote access LEARN-62 - Getting issue details... STATUS    
3/22/2017Send IP address settings to CGI LEARN-63 - Getting issue details... STATUS 3/23/2017  
3/22/2017Buy mounting hardware LEARN-64 - Getting issue details... STATUS 3/23/2017  
3/22/2017Finish hardware build LEARN-65 - Getting issue details... STATUS 3/24/2017  
3/22/2017Deliver two prototype Pis to LCG LEARN-66 - Getting issue details... STATUS 3/27/2017  

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