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2017-04-10 Status Meeting (CGI)

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Subject2017-04-10 Status Meeting (CGI)
Project NameLeARN
Meeting DateApr 10, 2017
Dial-in Info 
Time / Location 



Discussion Items

 Planning for Upcoming sprint (April 25,2017)


  • Goals
    • O&M
      • Quantify costs of running Azure (dev and production) 
        -Speak To Erwin (CGI)
      • Spin up dev environment (with Cassandra 3)
        -Cassandra 3 is up, updates to Cassandra 3
      • Sensors fail to respond after network failure or ack from server
    • Sensors:
      • Quantify cost of building first two Mark 1 prototypes 
        -itemized list for two built prototypes
      • Build new Mark 1 prototype as soon as possible as possible replacement for Congress and Cajundome sensor 
        -Hold off for current time
      • Order test units remaining sensor types (2-5 per type depending on cost) 
        -Send Will information on source to purchase
      • Research bigger enclosure with customizations :
        -Polycase has bigger enclosures
        • Potential enclosure customizations:
          • Larger
          • Bosses for Pi mounting
          • Pre-drilled holes
          • other:
      • Move to JIRA issue not in next sprint Design Mark 2 prototype with pre-fabbed boardsLEARN-75 BACKLOG
    • API
      • Finish dataArray extension LEARN-76 DONE
      • Improve performance of reads LEARN-77 BACKLOG
      • Research Elasticsearch integration LEARN-78 BACKLOG
        • Think about as container for bundling purposes as part of open source solution
      • Complete unit tests for data repository and service layers LEARN-79 BACKLOG
      • Research OData parsing libraries for SensorThings filtering supportLEARN-81
      • Prioritize implementation of missing SensorThings features LEARN-82 BACKLOG
    • Firmware
      • Update to use dataArray extension to send multiple values asynchronouslyLEARN-84
    • Dashboard
    • Security
      • Penetration testing LEARN-88BACKLOG
      • Fix high priority vulnerabilities discoveredLEARN-90 
        -Contact Michael Maul
    • Demos / Preparations
      - June 28th Virtual Presentation
      - Smart City Conference in Austin
    • Github integration for sharing Jirra, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc... LEARN-94 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      - Contact the EManifest Team




  • Broken sensor at Congress and Cajundome
    • Replace - Update: Sensors device/hardware is working



Action items

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Due Date

Completion Date Notes 
04/10/2017Follow up with LDEQMiles, Brian (CGI Federal)  

04/10/2017Follow up with LUS on hosting environmentMiles, Brian (CGI Federal)   
04/10/2017Determine time for Austin Demonstration (US Ignite)LaBar, William (CGI Federal)   

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