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2017-04-24 LEaRN Status Meeting (CGI)

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SubjectStatus Meeting (CGI)
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateApr 24, 2017
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Discussion Items

 Upcoming Deadlines
  • Upcoming Deadlines

    • Sprint completion 4/25/2017
    • June 12th finish prototypes and final design
    • Mid June thru August, purchasing for devices
    • August 12 begin build process of devices with ULL students
 Visualization Platform 
  • Current status
    • New lazy-loading and polling architecture implemented
  • Next steps
    • Add ability to select one or more datastreams to display
    • Historical data graph with sliding window
    • Implement real-time single-value guages
    • Groom backlog to create next tasks
    • Longer term
      • Allow users to bring their own datasets into dashboard for overlay with sensor data
    • Terysa looked into US Census data related to health and socioeconomics
      • These data could be part of basemaps that we can offer in the dashboard, e.g. heat maps of asthma incidence by zip code
  • Current field status of deployed sensors
    • Still integrating new data sampling and transmitting code
      • Working through kinks of installing everything in Python 3
      • Should be finished tomorrow (4/25)
  • Dev environment
    • Ben has to e-mail Erwin re. SSL cert.
  • Researching printed circuit board design options
  • Complete sensors to buy
    • Aeroqual has a "Smog Monitor," but it looks expense, Daniel will get a quote
    • Air Quality Egg, looks like an indoor sensor: airqualityegg.com
      • Base kit: $280, CO, NOx, Temp, Humidity
  • Custom enclosure
    • Cannot do custom mounting points, but they can do custom cut-outs (e.g. fan holes and fan screw holes)
  • Vendor approval for Aeroqual sensor is in place.
 API Platform 
  • Improved performance when reading data
  • Fixed data model to improve partitioning allowing for data to be captured every 1-2 seconds for each datastream

 Colocation of sensors at USGS site 
  • 4/19 Response from LDEQ (Bob Bailey)
    • Yes, we are continuing to work on this. We have reached out to USGS where the site is located and are awaiting their response. Unfortunately, our contact there was going to be out for a couple of weeks so we are just experiencing typical delays. I still do not anticipate any problems and have sent another email hoping to get a quicker response. I will let you know as soon as I hear something.

 UL/LUS Networking/Hosting status 
  • 4/18 Response from Blundell, Ben (University of Louisiana at Lafayette):
    • I spoke to a USGS representative last week about the infrastructure
      between their building and LEDQ facility.  Wayne, at USGS, was going
      investigate a possible path but I haven't heard back from him; I will
      reach out to him tonight.  A connection alternative could be a pt-to-pt
      wireless link.

      I believe the initial connectivity for the remote sensors was going to set
      up by the LUS folks.  I will reach out to them for an update.  Phase 2
      will be a connectivity path between UL-ScienceDMZ and LUS.  I will reach
      out to Ryan at LUS to begin that step.
 Planning for Upcoming sprint (April 25,2017) 
  • Goals for next sprint
    • Hardware
      • Start designing circuits for new sensor types as they arrive
      • Rough draft of PCB layout
      • Determine what accessory hardware we will need for one box with multiple sensors
      • Read data off of temp, RH, pressure sensor that we have, decide if we want to order these
      • Order samples of a larger enclosure
    • Firmware
      • Start writing code for new sensor types as they arrive
    • API
      • Implement API updates based on priorities from 4/17 meeting
    • Visualization
      • Add ability to select one or more datastreams to display
      • Historical data graph with sliding window
      • Implement real-time single-value guages
    • Example Use Cases (Ridgeway, Terysa (CGI))



Action items

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Backlog groomingall4/25/2017 
 Begin next sprint 4/26/2017  

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