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2017-05-11 LEaRN Status Meeting

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SubjectStatus Meeting
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateMay 11, 2017
Dial-in Info

For those of you unable to attend in person:

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Meeting number: 744 196 137 
Meeting password: 1q2w3e4r  
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Time / Location

CGI Lafayette, 538 Cajundome Blvd.; Room: Lafayette/1N-09 

10:00 AM Central



Discussion Items

Recent News
  • Smart Lafayette ACT-IAC Showcase
 Hardware (Sensor, Servers, POC Assembly, Deployment Strategy)
  • Prototype platform status
    • Next round of sensors have been ordered, should start arriving the next few weeks
  • Prototype sensor status – health and monitoring
    • Working well, though we have been tweaking our networking, and it seems to be working better.
  • UL Student Participation Plan Discussion
    • Updates on time frame for student hardware and assembly
    • Plan for final design of hardware for June 12, 2017
    • Gretchen L Vanicor (LA.edu) will reach out to Elgazzar, Dr. Khalid (LEARN) to see how many students he may be able to devote to this.
      • May need to bring in other Prof. as needed
        • E.g. Geosciences, Engineering
  • LCG, LUS Fiber and Network/Hardware Planning update 
  • Future Sensor Deployments
    • Status updates on UL Research Input to help guide deployment intersection locations – Dr. Whitney Broussard, Dr. Yanica Visser ( committed to advise graduate students to help with selecting locations)
    • Status updates on Coordination of sensor deployments with LDEQ/USGS
    • Status updates on Time frames / Quantities for upcoming future deployments
      • TDB
 Software Development/Data Management Platform
  • Public dashboard will be posted in the next few days
  • API Changes should be stabilizing after this week or so. So we will have data going forward.
  • Open Data Platform
 Partner Outreach



Action items

Date Assigned 


Due Date

Completion Date Notes 

Reach out to Elgazzar, Dr. Khalid (LEARN) to see how many students he may be able to devote to sensor production

 Check if we can place our own gateway in Stephens Hall   
 Work to resolve issues with LUS network drop into Stephens Hall   
 Set up a meeting on sensor siting with UL faculty for sometime in the next few weeks   
 Coordinate sensor deployments with LDEQ/USGS   
 Test mobile sensors   
 Coordinate water sensor discussions with UL ICAWR, keeping Gretchen L Vanicor (LA.edu) in the loop   
 Send planning, transportation, and planning data to Ridgeway, Terysa (CGI)   
 Connect Ridgeway, Terysa (CGI) with DOTD for traffic count dataWarren G. Abadie (Lafayette LA)   
 Check if LCG open data portal will include data migrated from open data portal built for CajunCodeFestCarlee Alm-LaBar (Lafayette LA)   
 Coordinate on-stage demo scheduling for US Ignite Smart City Conference in AustinDelcambre, Matthew (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)   
 Coordinate Mayor-President's schedule with Smart City Conference on-stage demosCarlee Alm-LaBar (Lafayette LA)   
 Update group on Upcoming EPA brown bag   

Risks and Issues

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