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2017-09-20 LEaRN Network Topology

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SubjectLEaRN Network Topology
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateSept. 20, 2017
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Discussion Items

Review Three Network Topology Options
 Status report on viability of each Network Topology 
  • LUS Status Update
    • Terry still arranging meetings w/Mayor and CIO on Options 2 and 3
    • Hopefully this will happen in the next few weeks
 Determine next steps for network implementation 
  • Need to decide preferred solution
    • Option 2 would be preferred in an ideal world
  • Possible US Ignite Funding for purchasing switches/routers
    • Grants are $10k, 47% overhead, so about $5k would be available
    • Would need to make the case that we need this for security purposes
    • Deadline is August 31st
    • LEaRN is a US Ignite portfolio project, so this fits, would need to make links between Science DMZ, LANI, and LEaRN
 Schedule follow-up meeting 
  • Next meeting: Wed. August 23rd from 3:30-4:30



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