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2017-04-17 LEaRN Status Meeting(CGI)

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Meeting DateApr 17, 2017
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Discussion Items

 Upcoming Deadlines

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Sprint completion 4/25/2017
  • June 12th finish prototypes and final design
  • Mid June thru August, purchasing for devices
  • August 12 begin build process of devices with ULL students
 Planning for Upcoming sprint (April 25,2017) 
  • Current status review of Jirra Board
  • Current field status of deployed sensors
  • Current status of device pricing for prototype
  • Current status of Azure pricing
 Visualization Platform 
  • Current status and feedback on wire frame
 API Platform 
  • Walk through of items to be added to API, along with priority
  • Determine a name



Action items

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Due Date

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04/17/2017Sensor Confirmation 
  • Deliver Will a list of vendors when sensors have been tested and confirmed for production use 

Risks and Issues

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