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2017-09-18 LEaRN Status Meeting (CGI)

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SubjectStatus Meeting (CGI)
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateSeptember 18, 2017
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Time / Location2017-09-18 3:30 PM CST



Discussion Items



  • Upcoming Deadlines

    • Sprint 11 begins 9/19/2017
    • Sept. 30th finish prototypes and final design
      • Waiting on final ADC choice - Choice made, Daniel proceeding forward with it.
      • PCB for small sensors quotes being generated as of 9/18/2017
      • Then work on ADC for large sensors once all components for small sensors have been ordered
      • Goal is to get STEM students building small sensors at the beginning of October, large sensors beginning of November
    • July-Early. Oct., purchasing for devices
    • Mid. Oct. through Nov. begin build process of devices with ULL/David Thibodaux students
    • About 10 boxes to be prepared First week of Oct. - Krulick, Daniel (CGI Federal) is working on it.
      • These will be deployed at LDEQ (to be be calibrated , compared to the regulatory sensors)

Status update:

  • We need to start thinking when and where we would deploy our next sensor prototypes, and what sensors those prototypes will include.
  • Comeaux, Justin M (CGI Federal) tested out new algorithm for the O3 sensor, MQ131 on one of the sensor boxes out in Lafayette, LA.
    • After damaging the database on accident, I fixed the sensor box when I reverted to the current algorithm code. The fix came with a cost of having to lose saved data on the SQLite database when rebooting the Raspberry Pi computer. Will make sure to comply to the JSON body next time when it comes to just having a value for Part Per Billion instead of giving it a key / value pair.

Status update:

  • LEARN-216: design small board
    • Complete
  • LEARN-221: order small board samples
    • Ordered - estimated arrival 9/25
  • LEARN-244: I2C analog to digital converter
    • In progress

Status update:

  • LEARN-189: MQTT Architecture
    • Completed initial architecture

Status update:

 Chepudira, Karthik (CGI Federal) 


  • AQI POC - Completed
    • As per initial discussion, an API to derive AQI Hourly index (8 hour) will be developed as a a derived product on top of Sensor things api
    • The API will also allow pulling of historical AQI data
    • Initial design will focus on standing up of an MVP to facilitate integration into dashboard.
    • Having a working version of the AQI will facilitate a focus group meeting to engage SME's for best practice discussion of AQI design
  • Simulation of 240 sensors on dev dashboard - http://learn-app-dev.azurewebsites.net/#/pages/livestream

In Progress

  • Deploye AQI POC to azure

Status update:

In Progress:

  • Direct and build index (landing page) for GitHub Pages
  • Team needs to finalize initial content
  • Add direct links to original pages

Recently Completed


  • Deployment pipeline for Dev Dashboard
    • Now have Bamboo build. Requesting NPM agent to build dist.
  • AQI historical visualization
  • AQI live stream visualization





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