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2017-07-18 LEaRN Sensor Placement

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SubjectLEaRN Sensor Placement
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Meeting DateJul 18, 2017
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Discussion Items

 Discuss potential research/policy questions 
  • Are socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods/populations disproportionately exposed to ozone or particulate matter pollution?
  • How much does vehicle idling affect nearby air quality?
  • How does traffic congestion relate to air quality?
    • How does air quality vary across traffic conditions (e.g. free flows vs. stop and go) and road capacity and connectivity to other roads?
  • How does air quality differ in space and time across urban, suburban, and rural/agricultural land uses?
  • How do agricultural practices (e.g. sugarcane burning) affect air quality?
  • Can we reconstruct transportation schedules (e.g. buses, trains) based on air quality data?
  • TODO:


Discuss Potential Sensor Sites
  • 250 total sensors
    • Initial proposed sensor mix
      • 175 with cheap ozone only (small boxes)
      • 75 large box sensors
        • 15 cheap ozone, expensive ozone
        • 35 cheap ozone, expensive ozone, cheap pm
        • 15 cheap ozone, expensive ozone, cheap pm, expensive pm
        • 10 cheap ozone, expensive ozone, expensive pm
    • Updated proposed sensor mix
      • 175 with cheap ozone only (small boxes)
      • 75 large box sensors
        • 50 cheap ozone, expensive ozone, cheap pm
        • 25 cheap ozone, expensive ozone, expensive pm
      • Can possibly remove some cheap ozone from the large boxes to save money (e.g. keep 25 with both ozone)
      • Some combination of sensor boxes will also have temperature and humidity sensors (e.g. the 75 with both temperature and ozone)
      • Once large box prototypes are complete, we will evaluate whether to abandon small boxes and use large for all
  • Sensor placement
    • Assumptions
      • 175 with only cheap ozone
      • 75 with ozone and pm and temperature and humidity
    • UL Facilities
      • Cade Farm
      • Energy Center
      • Ecology Center
      • Cajun Field Bus Stop
        • Lots of idling
        • Would want PM
      • Rex Street Bus Stop
        • Lots of idling
        • Would want PM
      • The Union bus stop
        • Lots of idling
        • Would want PM
      • Other places on campus
        • In/near parking decks
        • Along pedestrian only corridors
        • Soofa benches, which can track occupancy via Bluetooth
          • Quad
          • Libraries
          • Rec. fields along Cajundome
      • Network access
    • Airport?
    • LCG Facilities
      • Bus terminal
      • Parks
        • Allow us to look at social justice issues
        • Parks with rec. centers would have power and wifi
        • Sites:
          • Golf Course (Domain Recration Center; 901 Mudd Ave.)
          • Dorsey-Donlon Park (MLK Rec. Center)
          • Debaillon Park (J. Carleton Jame Rec. Center)
          • Girard Park
          • Acadiana Park (Nature Station)
            • LU: Forested
          • Beaullieu Park (Comeaux Recreation Center)
          • Graham Brown Memorial Park (Georges Dupuis Rec. center)
          • Heymann Park (Heymann Park Recreation Center)
          • Thomas Park
          • Neyland Park (Robichaux Rec. Center)
          • Pa Davis Park (George Bowles Rec. Center)
      • City Halll
      • DEQ Facility off of Dugas Road
        • Near compost facility, fire training center
      • Traffic poles
        • We plan to select traffic signals later based on where we plan to place other sensors (i.e. fill in the gap)
    • Hospitals
    • LPSS
      • David Thibodaux STEM
      • Lafayette Middle School Environmental Science Academy
      • Gretchen L Vanicor (LA.edu) can contact LPSS to begin discussions about starting discussions at these schools and to solicit other schools that may be interested
    • Bayou Vermillion District
 Schedule next meeting Tues. August 8th 11:30-1:00. Lunch will be provided.  



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