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2017-03-15 LEaRN Status Meeting

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SubjectCGI Internal Status Meeting
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateMar 15, 2017
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Discussion Items

  • Status update on prototype sensors
    • Working low-cost O3 sensor, working with Python-based library
    • Will report back on progress on Friday
  • Questions:
    • How are we going to mount the prototype sensors
  • UL has agreed to host private network end point and sensor gateway at LITE
  • LCG will provide a POE switch
  • Cellular modules
    • AT&T (question) Samsung Galaxy phones on SparkLab, can we use these SIM cards?
    • Will can order cellular modules tonight.
  • Status update on API
    • Will be able to create all objects in the system by Wed. March 22nd
  • Status update on authentication (from Fladung, David V (CGI Federal))
    • Dave will be working on this tomorrow and Friday.
 Data Cluster and API DeployMatkin, Benjamin K (CGI Federal); Stafford, Jean-Paul P (CGI Federal)
  • Status update on data cluster install on Azure
    • One node Cassandra cluster has been set up
    • Working on virtual network settings so that nodes can talk each other, and API web server can talk to cluster
    • Next step will be to deploy API to another VM, and able to talk to Cassandra DB
      • Goal on this is Tuesday



Action items

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3/15/2017Decide whether we can support a real dataflow from sensors to backend3/21/2017 
3/15/2017Report back on O3 sensor data acquisition LEARN-49 - Getting issue details... STATUS 3/17/2017  

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