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2017-10-11 LEaRN Sensor Fabrication

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SubjectSensor Fabrication
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateOct. 10, 2017
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Discussion Items

LEaRN Project Overview
  • Origin
  • Goals
  • Partnerships
  • Timeline
 Sensor Fabrication 
  • STEM Students
    • High School students already design their own circuit boards, do soldering, even advanced soldering
    • Middle School students may be involved as well
    • Robotics teams design entire system
    • Can do C programming
    • Students good at system integration
    • This project could give their next generation of students experience
    • Video production students at STEM may want to make videos to document the fabrication process
    • Possibility of doing a Nepris presentation
  • Timeline
    • Nicolette's classes have flexibility
    • Target mid-October at latest to begin fabrication
  • Logistics
    • Start with a few units for fabrication
      • Check the work to see what needs improving
    • First contact point
      • Bring examples of built units
        • To show students the quality expected
        • Take apart, show how they go together
      • Build a few with the students
    • Then let students build an initial batch
      • Inspect quality of work, give feedback
      • ~4 hours per week of contact time, sometimes interruptions
      • October to November open in their schedule
    • Then let students build the rest
    • Label sensors so that the students feel sense of ownership and pride in their work
    • Questions
      • What size soldering irons are needed?
      • Types of screw drivers
  • When installing sensors near the school (Willow and Teurlings) allow students to watch
 Sept. 8 Update 
  • Working as fast as we can to order parts
  • Looks like lead time for some components will put us into mid.October
  • Okay if we do initial tutorial mid. October?
    • Yes
    • Monday October 16
    • Tutorial content (98 minutes)
      • Information about the LEaRN AQ project
      • What we are putting together
      • Why we are putting it together this way
      • How to properly put it together
    • Tutorial will be document in a similar way to iFixit guide
  • Can CGI send parts list to students who are working on developing an efficient manufacturing process for the project
    • Yes!
  • Do the students have availability into January if needed for fabrication?
    • Nicolette would have some time in January and the first few weeks in February
    • Zeke's student's schedules are more flexible
  • Piecemeal assembly should be fine if need by (e.g. soldering components as they are available)
 Oct. 11 Update 
  • Procurement delays have forced us to shift our schedule
  • Tentative schedule
    • CGI will hold a tutorial for high school students on Nov. 13th 10:05-11:47am
      • This will be video recorded
      • CGI will also have fabrication instructions ready for Nov. 13th
    • High school students will begin fabrication (soldering components onto PCBs) on Nov. 16th
      • Fabrication will continue throughout Dec. and January
    • Middle school students will begin assembling sensor boxes in late January, with a goal of finishing at the end of February.
 Schedule Next Meeting? Monday Nov. 6th, 3:00-3:30pm



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