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2017-08-08 LEaRN Sensor Placement

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SubjectLEaRN Sensor Placement
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Meeting DateAug 8, 2017
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Discussion Items

 Discuss potential research/policy questions 
  • Are socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods/populations disproportionately exposed to ozone or particulate matter pollution?
  • How much does vehicle idling affect nearby air quality?
  • How does traffic congestion relate to air quality?
    • How does air quality vary across traffic conditions (e.g. free flows vs. stop and go) and road capacity and connectivity to other roads?
  • How does air quality differ in space and time across urban, suburban, and rural/agricultural land uses?
  • How do agricultural practices (e.g. sugarcane burning) affect air quality?


Discuss Potential Sensor Sites
  • 250 total sensors
    • Initial proposed sensor mix
      • 175 with cheap ozone only (small boxes)
      • 75 large box sensors
        • 15 cheap ozone, expensive ozone
        • 35 cheap ozone, expensive ozone, cheap pm
        • 15 cheap ozone, expensive ozone, cheap pm, expensive pm
        • 10 cheap ozone, expensive ozone, expensive pm
    • Updated proposed sensor mix
      • 175 with cheap ozone only (small boxes)
      • 75 large box sensors
        • 50 cheap ozone, expensive ozone, cheap pm
        • 25 cheap ozone, expensive ozone, expensive pm
      • Can possibly remove some cheap ozone from the large boxes to save money (e.g. keep 25 with both ozone)
      • Some combination of sensor boxes will also have temperature and humidity sensors (e.g. the 75 with both temperature and ozone)
      • Once large box prototypes are complete, we will evaluate whether to abandon small boxes and use large for all
  • Sensor placement
    • Assumptions
      • 175 with only cheap ozone
      • 75 with ozone and pm and temperature and humidity
    • UL Facilities
      • Cade Farm
      • Energy Center
      • Ecology Center
      • Cajun Field Bus Stop
        • Lots of idling
        • Would want PM
      • Rex Street Bus Stop
        • Lots of idling
        • Would want PM
      • The Union bus stop
        • Lots of idling
        • Would want PM
      • Other places on campus
        • In/near parking decks
        • Along pedestrian only corridors
        • Soofa benches, which can track occupancy via Bluetooth
          • Quad
          • Libraries
          • Rec. fields along Cajundome
      • Network access
    • Airport?
    • LCG Facilities
      • Bus terminal
      • Parks
        • Allow us to look at social justice issues
        • Parks with rec. centers would have power and wifi
        • Sites:
          • Golf Course (Domain Recration Center; 901 Mudd Ave.)
          • Dorsey-Donlon Park (MLK Rec. Center)
          • Debaillon Park (J. Carleton Jame Rec. Center)
          • Girard Park
          • Acadiana Park (Nature Station)
            • LU: Forested
          • Beaullieu Park (Comeaux Recreation Center)
          • Graham Brown Memorial Park (Georges Dupuis Rec. center)
          • Heymann Park (Heymann Park Recreation Center)
          • Thomas Park
          • Neyland Park (Robichaux Rec. Center)
          • Pa Davis Park (George Bowles Rec. Center)
      • City Halll
      • DEQ Facility off of Dugas Road
        • Near compost facility, fire training center
      • Traffic poles
        • We plan to select traffic signals later based on where we plan to place other sensors (i.e. fill in the gap)
    • Hospitals
    • LPSS
      • David Thibodaux STEM
      • Lafayette Middle School Environmental Science Academy
      • Gretchen L Vanicor (LA.edu) can contact LPSS to begin discussions about starting discussions at these schools and to solicit other schools that may be interested
        • @gretchen Will cc us so that we can follow up as she is on leave soon.
    • Bayou Vermillion District
Updated Map: http://arcg.is/1WeDOP 
 Sensor Placement Strategy 
  • Deploy 150 to 200 sensors in our "core" locations (UL, LCG, LPSS, Parks, LDEQ, Traffic signals)
  • Do a public call for citizens to host one of 50 sensors at their homes
  • Traffic Signal Placement Priorities
    1. Place at the intersection of arterial roads
      1. Ambassador Caffery
      2. Johnston
      3. Willow
      4. Cameron
      5. Kaliste Saloom
      6. Verot School Road
      7. Camelia
      8. South College
      9. University
      10. Pinhook
      11. Throughway
      12. Louisiana Avenue
      13. Moss
      14. Pont De Mouton
      15. Congress
      16. Eraste Landry
    2. Place in transects along arterials
    3. Fill in the gaps elsewhere
    4. Sample heavily along the Evangeline Throughway corridor
 Sensor Placement Rationale 

Sensors are placed on the following rationale:

  • Place sensors at partner sites
  • Place sensors such that there is uniform spatial distribution of sensors, to the extent possible
  • Include a range of land uses covering: transportation infrastructure (roads, parking), residential, commercial, agricultural, forest
  • Place sensors in locations with network and power available
  • Place sensors in areas with known or suspected air pollution or near populations vulnerable to air pollution (e.g. near schools, parks, hospitals)



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