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2017-10-02 LEaRN Status Meeting (CGI)

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SubjectStatus Meeting (CGI)
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateOctober 2, 2017
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Time / Location2017-10-02 1:30 PM CST



Discussion Items



  • Upcoming Deadlines

    • Sprint 12 begin 10/03/2017
    • Sept. 30th finish prototypes and final design
      • Waiting on final ADC choice - Choice made, Daniel proceeding forward with it.
      • PCB for small sensors quotes being generated as of 9/18/2017
      • Then work on ADC for large sensors once all components for small sensors have been ordered
      • Goal is to get STEM students building small sensors at the beginning of October, large sensors beginning of November
    • July-Early. Oct., purchasing for devices
    • Mid. Oct. through Nov. begin build process of devices with ULL/David Thibodaux students
    • About 10 boxes to be prepared First week of Oct. - Krulick, Daniel (CGI Federal) is working on it.
      • These will be deployed at LDEQ (to be be calibrated , compared to the regulatory sensors)

Status update:


Status update:

  • LEARN-216: design small board
    • Complete
    • need adjustments - holes too small
    • one trace incorrect
  • LEARN-221: order small board samples
    • Ordered - estimated arrival 9/25
    • will need to be reordered
  • LEARN-244: I2C analog to digital converter
    • In progress
    • negative when connected to ground

Status update:


Status update:

 Chepudira, Karthik (CGI Federal) 


  • AQI POC - Completed
    • As per initial discussion, an API to derive AQI Hourly index (8 hour) will be developed as a a derived product on top of Sensor things api
    • The API will also allow pulling of historical AQI data
    • Initial design will focus on standing up of an MVP to facilitate integration into dashboard.
    • Having a working version of the AQI will facilitate a focus group meeting to engage SME's for best practice discussion of AQI design
  • Simulation of 240 sensors on dev dashboard - http://learn-app-dev.azurewebsites.net/#/pages/livestream

  • Deploye AQI POC to azure
    • Working issues with the web app deployment  - Resolved

      Issues with deploying python based apps onto azure's scalable app service platform - Resolved

    • A joint session with Matkin, Benjamin K (CGI Federal) (may be Miles, Brian (CGI Federal) ) is planned - completed
    • Potentially reach out to Microsoft for support - Did not need to.


  • Deploy 250 sensors to paid ($50 /month) IotHub , pending LaBar, William (CGI Federal) 's approval
  • Test django app service to azure
  • Incorporate data analysis ideas from the SCAQMD conference in future sprints. 

Status update:

In Progress:

  • Team needs to finalize initial content. This includes the index page
  • GitHub integration

Recently Completed


On Hold

  • Deployment pipeline for Dev Dashboard
    • Now have Bamboo build. Requesting NPM agent to build dist





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