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2017-04-13 LEaRN Status Meeting

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SubjectStatus Meeting
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateApr 13, 2017
Dial-in Info

For those of you unable to attend in person:


Dial In: (866) 557-3330,,,5910252720#

WedEx: https://cgifederal.webex.com/meet/william.labar

Time / Location

CGI Lafayette, 538 Cajundome Blvd.; Room: Lafayette/1N-09 

10:00 AM Central



Discussion Items

 Recent newsLaBar, William (CGI Federal)
    • Introductions and Project Overview (quick 5-10 minutes) for new meeting members
    • Deployment of Prototypes to Cajundome Blvd @ Congress & Cajundome Blvd @ Eraste Landry
    • Smart City Summit Recap


  • Recurring Meeting Date/Time
  • Collaboration Platform/Communication – reminder for access and action items being tracked for new members.
  • Public access to JIRA and Confluence pages (LaBar, William (CGI Federal)

Hardware (Sensor, Servers, POC Assembly, Deployment Strategy)

Miles, Brian (CGI Federal)
  • Prototype platform status
    • Sensors deployed to the following locations:
      • Cajundome Blvd @ Congress
      • Cajundome Blvd @ Eraste Landry
    • Prototype sensor status – health and monitoring
    • Key takeaways on sensor mounting issues
    • Key takeaways from prototype deployment including time frames and milestone targets reached
  • UL Student Participation Plan Discussion      
    • Updates on time frame for student hardware and assembly
      - Plan for final design of hardware for June 12, 2017
  • LCG, LUS Fiber and CGI Planning update 
    • Sensor external connectivity through VPN
      -Work order has been entered
  • Hardware specifications – including updates changes
  • Future Sensor Deployments
    • UL Research Input to help guide deployment intersection locations – Dr. Whitney Broussard, Dr. Yanica Visser ( committed to advise graduate students to help with selecting locations)
    • Updates on Coordination of sensor deployments with LDEQ/USGS
    • Time frames / Quantities for upcoming future deployments
  • Mobile Sensors
    -Plan for sensor to be connected to be api, mounted to vehicle, gateway via cell phone
  • Water Quality Sensors
 Software Development/Data Management PlatformMiles, Brian (CGI Federal)
  • Current Development Work Summary
    • Overview of current status of publicly accessible Sensor API
    • Upcoming and future enhancements for Sensor API
    • Quick overall architecture updates
  • Hosting Environment
    • Updates on current hosting environment in Azure
    • Future plans for hosting environment for development and production
  • Open Data Platform
    • Key takeaways from Cajun Code Fest
    • Future plans and hosting for Open Data Platform
    • Data collaboration

Partner Outreach

LaBar, William (CGI Federal)
  • Detroit (Middle School connection via US Ignite)
  • Portland / NIST Global City Team Challenge Supercluster
  • Kansas City Air Quality presentation (Aaron Deacon, Jonathan Wagner)
  • National Environmental Information Exchange Network Conference (Kim Nelson Keynote)
  • Smart Lafayette ACT-IAC Showcase (4/26 is the new date)
  • US Ignite Smart City Conference in Austin (June 25th-28th)
  • Upcoming EPA Brown bag, monthly air sensor session / 20-30 participants across ORD, OAR, OECA, and Regions
  • Social Media Presence
  • Article in “The Current”



Action items

Date Assigned 


Due Date

Completion Date Notes 
LUS participation in status meetingLaBar, William (CGI Federal) 

Assigning to LaBar, William (CGI Federal) as he owns the event.

 Prioritize API to support mobile connected device to sensorMiles, Brian (CGI Federal)   
 Kick start water type sensors brainstormingLaBar, William (CGI Federal)   
 Contact David Borrock on research grantLaBar, William (CGI Federal)   
 Miles, Brian (CGI Federal)  Emailed Christine Kendrick (Portland) 4/13 to request this.
 Contact Jeff Jackson (LDEQ) about siting sensors at LFT USGSLaBar, William (CGI Federal)   

Risks and Issues

Risk or Issue

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DescriptionOwner(s)Follow-up DateNotes 
  •  Notes for this item