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2017-03-17 LEaRN Status Meeting

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SubjectStatus Meeting
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateMarch 17, 2017
Dial-in Info

WebEx: https://cgifederal.webex.com/cgifederal/j.php?MTID=m33bf29f70bd66f6798d21ca826ea3717

1-866-5573330  (US) Call-in toll-free number

1-443-8637759  (US) Call-in number


Leader PIN: 1146

Conference Code: 657 381 2350


743 032 692



Time / Location

CGI Lafayette, 538 Cajundome Blvd.; Room: Lafayette/1N-09 

10:00 AM Central



Discussion Items


Recent news

LaBar, William (CGI Federal)
  • Introductions and Project Overview (quick 5-10 minutes) for new meeting members
  • SXSW Spotlight
  • Smart Lafayette ACT-IAC Showcase
  • Upcoming EPA Brownbag, monthly air sensor session / 20-30 20-30 participants across ORD, OAR, OECA, and Regions


Miles, Brian (CGI Federal)
  • Recurring Meeting Date/Time, Expect a Doodle Poll (LaBar)
  • Collaboration Platform/Communication (Miles): All Meeting minutes now in Confluence; Action items being tracked here moving forward. Contact Brian for accounts if you do not have one.



Hardware (Sensor, Servers, POC Assembly, Deployment Strategy)

Miles, Brian (CGI Federal)
  • Initial prototype platform status - assessing target for deployment by end of month (Miles)
  • UL Student Participation Plan Discussion
  • LCG, LUS Fiber and CGI Planning update (Miles, Delcambre, Abadie)
  • Deployment Locations, Prioritization
      • POCs for March
      • Coordination with LDEQ/USGS
      • Intersections locations
      • UL Research Input to help guide
        • Dr. Whitney Broussard, Dr. Yanica Visser (committed to advise graduate student help select locations)

Software Development/Data Management Platform

Miles, Brian (CGI Federal)
  • Current Development Work Summary (Miles) 
  • Hosting Environment (Miles)
  • Open Data Platform (LaBar)

Partner Outreach

  • 3/30 Advisory Board Meeting
      • Confirmed: US Ignite, Microsoft, Enterprise Center
      • To-do: LDEQ
      • Special Guests: IDC?
      • Media? Loop in with Smart Community SummitSmart Community Summit.p…
    • Objectives, Location, Open to Public?
  • Social Media Presence

Misc Walk-ons and Reminders

  • Cajun Code Fest timing (3/30-4/1)
  • Evangelize Smart Community Summit!
 Action Item ReviewMiles, Brian (CGI Federal) 



Action items

Date Assigned 


Due Date

Completion Date Notes 
Determine timeframe for student hardware assembly availability LEARN-51 - Getting issue details... STATUS (summer and fall 2017) 
 Set up meeting with LCG Traffic to discuss prototype sensor mounting LEARN-52 - Getting issue details... STATUS    
 Provide Dr. Elgazzar with sensor hardware specification list LEARN-53 - Getting issue details... STATUS Miles, Brian (CGI Federal)   
 Set up meeting with Drs. Broussard, Visser, Elgazzar to discuss sensor location experimental design LEARN-55 - Getting issue details... STATUS Miles, Brian (CGI Federal)   
 Explore idea of mobile sensors LEARN-58 - Getting issue details... STATUS    
 E-mail will with LDEQ contact to invite to Smart Cities Summit LEARN-56 - Getting issue details... STATUS Miles, Brian (CGI Federal)   
 Send out Doodle to determine new meeting time LEARN-57 - Getting issue details... STATUS    

Risks and Issues

Risk or Issue

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DescriptionOwner(s)Follow-up DateNotes 
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