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2017-06-19 LEaRN Status Meeting (CGI)

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SubjectStatus Meeting (CGI)
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateJune 19, 2017
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Time / Location2017-06-09 2:00 PM CST / 1N-09



Discussion Items

  • Review status reporting process
    • Adding comments to JIRA before stand-up meeting
    • Individuals to fill out the status report (updates on items pertaining to them) before the status meeting.
    • New Project Roadmap page on confluence
5minReview Deadlines 
  • Upcoming Deadlines

    • Sprint completion 6/29/2017
    • July 21st finish prototypes and final design
    • Early August, purchasing for devices
    • Early September begin build process of devices with ULL students

Status update:

  • LEaRN Wordpress site
  • We need to start thinking when and where we would deploy our next sensor prototypes, and what sensors those prototypes will include.
  • SSL Certificate/ Custom domain practices via Azure
    • Matkin, Benjamin K (CGI Federal) started Unify 360 ticket to acquire permissions for SSL Certificate use in Azure
    • Subdomain plan has been decided on: we will be using learnlafayette.com as the subdomain for our API/Dashboards in PROD/DEV. Kinota.io will be our LEARN site.
    • Custom domains can be purchased through Azure and assigned SSL Cert. Matkin, Benjamin K (CGI Federal) has clear path forward.
    • Registered kinota.net for now. Once trademark has been acquired, we will register kinota.io (which cannot be registered via Azure), and kinota.com (which needs to be bought from a squatter, and cannot be done through Azure)
  • Matkin, Benjamin K (CGI Federal) and Miles, Brian (CGI Federal) will release latest API code on 6/20/2017.

Status update:

  • Hardware status:
    • Low-cost PM sensors, 4 ordered from DF Robot
      • Basic Communication done, making more robust
    • Aeroqual higher quality O3 sensors, 6 total ordered
      • Communicating
    • Alphasense higher quality PM sensors, 5 ordered
      • Communicating, but not sure if correctly
  • Temperature/Humidity/Pressure sensor
    • Successfully receiving data
  • Case
    • Got quotes back from other companies - middleman with Polycase?
      • Lyme was actually cheaper than Polycase's website
  • Inventory Management
 Firmware and device management

Status update:


Status update:

  • Started work on LEARN-106: Cascade on deletion
 Visualization and Use Cases

Status update:

  • Ridgeway, Terysa (CGI) reached out to Carlee to schedule a visit to review data/data sets that are available
  • Using the Thingsboard.io application as a basis for dashboard prototyping
  • Awaiting traffic data from LCG - current LA DOTD data is only done annually, or every 3-5 years
  • Use cases:
    • Added details to use cases
    • Began wire framing/prototypes of dashboards to support specific use cases.
    • Will e-mail LCG re. data access tomorrow/Wed.
  • Visualization
    • Demo
  • LEaRN website (available at http://learnlafayette.com/)
    • We need to develop, by July 1st, a LEaRN website, hosted on Azure, that serves as a landing page to the project
      • Add content from proposal as a project description section.
      • Links to:
        • Dashboard
        • Source code
        • Agile IQ
        • etc.
  Architecture & AnalyticsChepudira, Karthik (CGI Federal) 
  • Deploy API and dashboard to Azure app service, setup VPN with Cassandra cluster
  • Research options for analytics on the sensor data.
 Review Scrum Board 



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