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2017-08-24 LEaRN Sensor Placement

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SubjectLEaRN Sensor Placement
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Meeting DateAug 24, 2017
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Shauna LaBlanc (LPSS)


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Discuss Potential LPSS Sensor Sites
  • Reviewed proposed sensor placement with Shauna.
  • She suggested that the sensors would be more successfully integrated into the schools if they were placed mainly in high schools and middle schools
  • Also in our discussions it became clear that we need to place sensors in schools that will have some shelf life (i.e. beyond the 6 mos. for the O3 sensors) as it will take some time to integrate into curricula and for teachers to embrace.
    • Therefore, we need to make sure that all schools get sensors with PM, temp, and humidity sensing abilities
  • Updated schools list (as well as all non-traffic sensors) can be found here.
  • Update map is here:
  • Shauna is trying to set up a meeting for Oct. 11 with the following LPSS officials to discuss logistics for deploying sensors in Jan.-Feb. 2018
    • Mr. Berodelon (Facilities)
    • Ms. Lashona Dickerson (CIO)
    • Mr. Brian Butter (Director MIS)
Updated Map: http://arcg.is/byrn0 



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