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2017-08-21 LEaRN Status Meeting (CGI)

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SubjectStatus Meeting (CGI)
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateAugust 21, 2017
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Time / Location2017-08-21 2:00 PM CST



Discussion Items

5minReview Deadlines 
  • Upcoming Deadlines

    • Sprint 9 begins 8/22/2017
    • Sept. 1st finish prototypes and final design
      • Waiting on final ADC choice
    • July-Early Sept., purchasing for devices
    • Oct. through Nov. begin build process of devices with ULL/David Thibodaux students

Status update:

  • We need to start thinking when and where we would deploy our next sensor prototypes, and what sensors those prototypes will include.
  • Comeaux, Justin M (CGI Federal) did not get test out current and new algorithms for the O3 sensors due to higher priorities last week.
    • Testing the hardware with all the sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi was the priority.
    • Will do this after the current sprint
  • Next iteration of Agile enhancments
    •  Matkin, Benjamin K (CGI Federal) proposal- open for opinions from the team
    • New Sprint kick off Tuesday morning, 8/22. Ends Friday 9/01.
    • Before new Sprint, estimate hours in tickets up for new Sprint
    • This schedule will allow consistent 1 day turn around for self-estimating tickets.
    • Every other Monday meeting will host 15 minute or less Sprint review, running through completed tickets.
      • Simply demo results.
    • Miles, Brian (CGI Federal) and LaBar, William (CGI Federal) can act as the Product Owners, shifting priority for a sprint and confirming order of the backlog.

Status update:

  • Hardware status:
    • Alphasense higher quality PM sensors, 5 ordered
      • Communicating, but not sure if correctly
    • Updating spreadsheet
      • tight budget
      • maybe only 5-10% extra components
    • new analog to digital converter for big boxes
      • arriving 8/17 - will work on after vacation (ending 8/26)
      • uses I2C bus to avoid conflict on SPI bus with expensive PM sensor
    • Custom PCB
      • Finishing PCB components in Eagle
        • Used metric - switching to imperial
        • need to add I2C ADC (mentioned above)
        • Krulick, Daniel (CGI Federal) will place order for samples of small PCB before 8/17.
 Firmware and device management

Status update:

  • Added new datastreams to account for new sensors manually. (Possibly make new sample.py type of files for specific sensor boxes)
    • Did not get to QA Chepudira, Karthik (CGI Federal) code below. Will get to it this week.
      • Will test out the automatic way of populating new datastreams through python provided by Chepudira, Karthik (CGI Federal).
      • Will also need a more robust way to configure firmware (yaml, etc.) as environment variables will be too limiting in some cases.

Status update:

  • LEARN-148: Clean up code for OSS release
    • Complete
  • LEARN-187: Clean up code for OSS release, pt. 2
    • Complete. Waiting for code review.
 Visualization and Use Cases

Status update:

  Architecture & AnalyticsChepudira, Karthik (CGI Federal) 


Dev dashboard now live

Targeting for 8/16/2017 - Completed

  • Make Updates to Azure deployment scripts to correct the mismatch between thing and data stream mapping
  • Update the device manifest file based on the latest updates

Targeting for 9/5/2017 - Sprint 9

  • Simulation of 240 sensors on dev dashboard
  • GitHub integration with Confluence
    • Flat HTML page output finished
      • Resources are downloaded and saved and will be able to access from GitHub Pages
      • Content links need to be filtered/removed/rewritten
        • Links to resources need to be made relative
      • Dynamic menus filtering for GitHub Pages is finished
      • Experiment with styles tag to allow custom styling
    • Then will automate using a cron job running on a VM hosting a Drupal instance
      • This Drupal instance may be running as part of AgileIQ infrastructure
    • Molinski, Samuel J (CGI Federal) has a prototype of JIRA integration.
      • HERE: https://github.com/LafayetteEngagementAndResearchNetwork/AirChallenge/issues
      • The team needs to review and mark any tickets that should not be migrated. To do so, label as follows:
        • 'Project Risk', 'Project Action Item', 'Project Issue', 'Non Public', 'nonPublic', 'github-ignore'.  If there is any sensitive issues I would recommend added on of them.  Also if there is any other labels I should add to the black list, I can add that if needed.
    • Plan to enable Confluence and JIRA integration by Sept. 7th
  • GitHub integration with source code
    • Code will be pushed from Bitbucket to GitHub manually for releases as appropriate
 Review Scrum Board 





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