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2017-05-01 LEaRN Status Meeting (CGI)

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SubjectStatus Meeting (CGI)
Project NameLEaRN
Meeting DateMay 01, 2017
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Discussion Items

Review Deadlines
  • Upcoming Deadlines

    • Sprint completion 5/10/2017
    • June 12th finish prototypes and final design
    • Mid June thru August, purchasing for devices
    • August 12 begin build process of devices with ULL students

Status update:


Status update:

  • Hardware orders put in:
    • Low-cost PM sensors, 4 ordered
    • Aeroqual higher quality O3 sensors, 6 total ordered
    • Alphasense higher quality PM sensors, 5 ordered
  • Krulick, Daniel (CGI Federal) will give will details for ordering more/bigger enclosures (LEARN-74)
  • Eraste Sensor shows much more sensitivity than Congress sensor. Congress sensor seems to be picking up the same "ups and downs", but the amplitude is much lower, almost like a low-pass filter has been applied.
  • PCB layout (LEARN-122)
    • Options:
      • Autodesk Eagle
        • 2-layer PCB designs are free
        • More than that costs $15/month standard plan
 Firmware and device management 

Status update:


Status update:

  • LEARN-103: Finish Observation creation
    • No longer need to submit a phenomenonTime when creating Observation
    • No longer need to submit a feature of interest when creating an Observation
    • Still working on updating Datastream observedArea bounding box when new Observations are created



Visualization and Use Cases 

Status update:

  • Use Cases
    • Started loading use cases into product requirements on Confluence
      • This includes LEARN-34 (EJ data)
  • Visualization
    • Demo
      • Visualization currently allows for:
        • Map display of sensors
        • Real-time data display
        • Historical data display
      • Working on:
        • Sensor detail view
        • Make map view poll locations (needed to support mobile sensors)
        • Add units to Y-Axes
        • Set map corner radius
      • Future:
        • For mobile sensors, animate through historical locations
      • Comments:
        • This looks like an admin vis tool for monitoring
        • Will need a user-centric vis tool as well
          • Design will be based on use cases



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